Iggy Azalea stopped by to talk all about her new song Fancy, making the video and her fading Australian accent!

Azalea discussed how she was initially inspired by the movie clues, which was mirrored in the music video for her new hit song Fancy.  She also talked a lot about how she likes to be involved in every aspect of music making from the song down to the video that she actually ends up micromanaging. 

She also talked a lot about her fading accent which she is starting to grow out of due to living in the states for so long. 

She also talks about how she got involved with rapping.  She describes the process as her mumbling some lines and then turning those lines into actual lyrics to later become a song.  She never thought would actually be a rapper but after discovering this is what she loved and something she was good at, she went for it and is rising to fame.  Check out the video and photos from the interview!

Iggy Azalea In-Studio

Iggy Azalea In-Studio Photos