Since we all pretty much have access to social media, we rarely go on first dates without knowing a little somethin' about the other person. Here are 10 (well actually 5…you can click for the entire list) of the most cited first date killers!! - Source

  • Any suggestion that you are currently in a relationship. This is easy to trace.
  • A prison record or any issue you’ve had with the law. A person who is interested in you won’t look away from a DWI or other legal issues.
  • Any mention of having an anger management problem. It doesn’t matter who started it if you have an issue with controlling your temper.
  • Any photos of you acting crazy and out of control. Be careful what you post on Facebook.
  • Photos of you cross-dressing or suggesting you live a double life. Halloween is the one exception to this rule, but clarify that

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