It's no surprise to many that Justin Bieber and boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. are friends. It looks like their relationship is about to get WAAAYYY closer! On Sunday, JB was an angel, coming to the aid of 3 of Mayweather's kids who were involved in a bad car crash. According to TMZ, Floyd was at the BET Awards on the red carpet, he was on the phone with Justin and distraught over the fact that he got word his children were involved in an accident.


Bieber just so happened to be in an SUV not too far away from the accident scene and rushed over. He told the cops he was friends with the family & wanted to make sure they were ok.


TMZ also reports that it was a multi-car collision…several cars and a motorcycle. The children weren't seriously injured - one had a busted lip - and JB tried to comfort them by playing his new music for them.