Everyone has World Cup fever right now. As the world's eyes are on the games in Brazil, how much $$ are the players and refs bringing in?? First off, just to become a ref at the big tourney, you MUST be in shape. They are running around for 90 minutes, non stop except for the half-time. It's said that referees average 12 miles in 90 minutes.


Out of the 800,000 FIFA-sanctioned soccer refs in the United States, ONLY 7 are qualified to even be considered.


They must be at least 25 years old and retire before 45, and the physical conditioning test is NUTS. One part of the test requires res to run a 40 meter dash SIX TIMES IN A ROW with one minute 30 second break in between each sprint. They must finish each dash in under 6.2 seconds!! 


Now the pay, in 2014, the average each ref will make is between $35,000 - $40,000. Some may earn $50K depending on seniority.


PLAYERS: Well, team USA will each earn $76,000 just because they made it to Brazil. And there are tons of bonuses depending on meeting milestones. If they make it to the round of 16, they will split $2.8 million. Make it to quarter-finals they split $2.5 million. If they make it to the semifinals they split $2.6 million. If they make it to the finals they will split a $3 million check. And if they somehow win the World Cup, they will split and additional $3.75 million.