Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

Calvin Harris has just been announced as one of the performers at Wango Tango, and the “Summer” singer-songwriter-producer called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday morning to talk about his success … and of course, his girlfriend Rita Ora.

Despite Top 20 hits with Ellie Goulding‘s “Burn” and “Sweet Nothing” with Florence Welch, the 30-year-old still lives a pretty anonymous life, and many people don’t even realize he often sings on his songs.

“I had two albums out before this last one … I used to sing every single song and it wasn’t until maybe three, four years ago where I wanted to write songs for other people, like I wrote the Rihanna “We Found Love” song,” explains Calvin.

“And since then, I realized maybe I can use other people’s voices who are much better singers than me. And if I have a song that I think suits my voice or I don’t see anyone else singing it, I’ll just do it myself. I think the majority of people still don’t know it’s me who sings, which is completely fine. I’m good just being the producer guy.”

And because of that Calvin still gets to “just do normal stuff and not get any hassle” … that is unless his girlfriend – who he Calvin calls “The Misses” — is with him. “And then she attracts quite a lot of attention.”

As for that “misses” comment, does that mean that Calvin and Rita are secretly married? “I think it’s like a Scottish thing,” he clarifies.

So what is the day in the life of Calvin Harris like?

“Well, when I wake up around 8, I wanna cook some breakfast, make an omelet, go to the gym, come back, and I’m in the studio for the rest of the day,” he explains. “Most of the time I’m just working. And that’s kind of like every weekday, and on the weekends, I have shows.”

Still, he makes sure to set aside time for Rita. “Right now, we see each other like four days every two weeks, so it’s like an issue when she’s around, I’m not going anywhere,” Calvin says. “We’d probably get sick of each other if we had a whole month [together].”

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