Elvis Duran Reveals Which DNCE Song Makes Him Cry

DNCE was hanging out with Elvis Duran backstage at iHeartRadio Jingleball hosted by Z100 when the radio host made a surprising confession. It turns out DNCE has the ability to make Elvis cry. Their emotional ballad "Truthfully" gets him quite emotional and everybody, everywhere was like "SAME, ELVIS!" 


It's definitely the most heartbreaking song on the album, with lyrics like "Speaking truthfully, I love you more than you love me" Their debut album is mostly filled with fun, upbeat dance tracks, so it's good to sneak in a tearjerker every now and again. The band revealed their motto is "dance til you cry," which we can seriously get behind. DNCE knows how to get their fans up on their feet and rocking out, you know, when they're not making them sob. 


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