Laura and Vanessa Marano Are Sister Goals At iHeartRadio Jingleball

Laura Marano rocked the stage at our Coca Cola All Access Lounge and then made her way over to the iconic Madison Square Garden for iHeartRadio Jingleball hosted by Z100. We love Laura, but you know what we love more? When her big sis, Vanessa Marano, comes out to support her. These two are absolutely killing it these days. Between Vanessa's appearance in the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix to Laura's new music and burgeoning film career, it's super heartwarming that they always make time for each other. We spotted Vanessa back stage at MSG showing a lot of love for her baby sis.


We caught up with them and were able to capture an adorable moment between the two girls. Laura and Vanessa are total #SisterGoals, especially in their matching leather jackets. Laura was rocking an amazing, festive vest during her All Access Lounge performance that was totally getting us in the Christmas spirit. On the back it read "Watch Me Sleigh" and we know that's EXACTLY what Vanessa is doing tonight. 



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