Ariana Grande Talks Playing Penny in Hairspray Live

Ariana Grande had a VERY busy week. Besides absolutely slaying at iHeartRadio Jingleball hosted by Z100 on Friday night, the pop star got in touch with her musical theatre roots. She starred as Penny in NBC's production of Hairspray Live! She told Elvis Duran that it's actually been a pretty tough adjustment going from 24/7 Hairspray prep back to her everyday life. "It's hard to pluck yourself out of a world you've been spent every second of every day in for the past 6 weeks," she explained. "We created such a bond and it's my first day out. And it feels so weird. I'm in this post Hairspray depression."

Ariana had the perfect pick me up, though, telling Elvis that her Jingleball performance lifted her spirits right up. She kept a little piece of Penny with her by putting on some pink eye shadow. 



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