Performing Bad Things At JingleBall Made Camila Cabello Very Emotional

Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly gave their fans the best early Christmas present EVER when they took the stage at iHeartRadio Jingleball hosted by Z100 to perform their song "Bad Things." Their surprise performance was everything. Both Camila and MGK sounded flawless and they had the crowd super hyped. It was a moment we could not stop thinking about long after the show ended, and it turns out we weren't alone. Camila took to Instagram late last night to share what the experience meant to her.

"We played Bad Things at Madison Square Garden for the first time tonight. Watching people in the crowd singing the words back w a smile on their face is the best and most overwhelming feeling and it will never get old." The Fifth Harmony singer wrote, going on to give her fans and good friend MGK a special shoutout, too. "I just wanna give a huge thank u to u guys for giving us the opportunity to live out our dreams and share what we love w the world... Machine Gun Kelly, it is an honor to share the stage w u and I'm so thankful to live this out w u!!!"


MGK was also stoked to be performing the song at MSG along with Camila. The song itself, he revealed, has felt like a renaissance of sorts for his career. He told Bethany Watson and Danielle Manaro that to be "three albums in and this feels like the start of my career is the craziest feeling of my life." He got visibly emotional opening up about performing his hit song at Jingleball, saying "look at how happy I am. I'm just happy, man. I just feel so happy. This is so tight."


We're overjoyed that we got to experience such a special, emotional moment in both Camila and MGK's careers.  They killed it out there. 


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