Fans Reflect On Carrie Fisher At Candlelight Vigil In NYC

We tragically lost Carrie Fisher on Tuesday, Dec. 27th due to complications from a heart attack. She was 60 years old. From her empowering first role as Princess Leia in Star Wars to her numerous books, Fisher was a giant in the entertainment industry. She touched the lives of people across the world and her influence spanned the course of 40 years. The actress was beloved by so many devoted fans, so it's no surprise that they rallied on her behalf in order to hold a candlelight vigil in New York City. We stopped by the memorial to talk with some of Fisher's fans about what she meant to them.


The fans who organized the vigil in Fisher's honor were inspired by the actress in various ways. They even followed in her example and work to make the world a better place. They created an organization called the Empire Saber Guild, which is a Lucasfilm-recognized costumed charity fan group that specializes in lightsaber stage choreography. They put on performances to help raise money for charity. We even got a chance to talk with Christine, the woman who plays Princess Leia in the Empire Saber Guild's shows. Fisher was especially important to her and she reflected on how the actress has inspired her throughout her life.


One fan present at the vigil wondered if Fisher would like all they had done for her at Washington Square Park. After witnessing their kindness and devotion to all that Fisher stood for, we're pretty sure she would have loved it. 


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