Selena Gomez Reunites With David Henrie For First Instagram Story

Selena Gomez has posted her FIRST Instagram story, but she wasn't alone in the video. The Instagram star was joined with David Henrie, her old co-star from Disney's 'Wizards Of Waverly Place.' 

The two were laughing hysterically talking about old memories and that time Henrie actually was the man behind convincing Gomez to join Twitter.

The two then start joking about doing a Wizards reunion. Henrie, now 27, replied saying "I think we should do a reunion where Justin is still running the college ... and Justin has, like, 15 children."

"But you have kids," Gomez singer interrupted. "Alex is for sure single."

It seems like these two are kind of friendship #goals don't ya think?! We seriously want to be invited to the next reunion. 

Photo: Youtube

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