7 Shows You Should Binge Watch During Winter Storm Niko

1) The OA

This mysterious show dropped on Netflix without any press leading up to it's arrival. It basically pulled a full Beyonce. The supernatural thriller follows a young woman named Prairie, who disappeared when she was a blind teenager. Seven years after going missing, she's found far away from home with the ability to see. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. It's first season is only 8 episodes, too, so you can definitely catch up during the snow storm. 

2) Atlanta

Donald Glover's FX show Atlanta has sky rocketed the actor into new levels of fame. He won a Golden Globe for his performance (and famously shouted out Migos during his speech). The show follows Glover's character as he tries to help his cousin's burgeoning rap career so they can make better lives for their children. Like The OA, Atlanta only has one season out right now. It'll be easy for you to binge and catch up. 

3) You're The Worst

You're the Worst is without a doubt one of the smartest, funniest, and yes, raunchiest shows on TV right now. It's also one of the most under appreciated. It airs on FXX and just wrapped up it's third season. You're the Worst follows Gretchen and Jimmy, two terrible people completely opposed to love who happen to fall in love with each other. It's the anti-rom-com rom-com you never knew you needed. With short 22-25 minute episodes and only 3 seasons, it's a great, hilarious show to watch while stuck at home. 

4)The 100

Like You're The Worst, The 100 is one of television's hidden gems. It's probably the best science fiction show on television right now. Season 4 has just started, so even if you binge watched your heart out today, it would be impossible to catch up in just one day. This one is worth the long haul, though. It follows a group of people brought up in outer space return to Earth 97 years after a nuclear fall out. It's tough, sad, and so, so good. 

5) A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you grew up reading this addictive book series, the new Netflix adaptation is definitely the show you should binge watch today. It takes the world of the books and brings it to life with impressive accuracy. The Baudelaire children are perfectly cast and the adult cast is pretty spot on, too. From Neil Patrick Harris to Colby Smulders, there are a ton of big name stars who helped bring this show to life. 

6) Insecure

Insecure arrived just in time to replace the void Girls will be leaving after it's final season. Insecure is funny, real, and so relatable. It's first season premiered on HBO in 2016, so you'll be able to cruise right through this hilarious show. Issa Rae will become your new obsession. Promise. 

7) Stranger Things

If you're the only person on Earth who hasn't watched Stranger Things yet, today is the day to catch up. This show was one of the biggest pop culture moments of 2016. It's coming back for Season 2 on Halloween this year, but why wait til then to jump into the world of Eleven, Eggos, and the Upside Down?!? Hit play and enjoy this amazing show now! 

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