High School Students Started a Club to Make Sure No One Eats Alone

A good hearted group of teenagers attending Boca Raton Community High School in Florida are making it their mission to make their peers feel included. Anybody who has been through high school knows that lunch time is either the best or worst part of a students day. If you're lucky enough to have a group of friends to sit and hang out with everyday, lunch period was a nice, relaxing break in the middle of the day. For others, though, walking into the lunch room alone can be stressful and scary.  

A few students formed a club that aims to make lunch time a happy, inclusive time for everybody by forming the club "We Dine Together." Members of the club take time out of their own lunch period to look around their school for students eating alone. If they happen to find somebody, they will introduce themselves and try to get to know the other person. 

"No kid should eat alone," Denis Estimon, one of the club's four founders, told the Sun Sentinel. "There are so many problems in this world and the only thing that can solve it is relationships." The group is starting to make a change in their own backyard, but they do have plans to grow and expand over time. According to the club's Twitter account, they hope to one day turn their club in a non-profit. Their mission is to "diminish isolation and build relationships worldwide." That sounds like a pretty great mission to us! 

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