5 Seconds of Summer on Why They Needed That Long Break

5 Seconds of Summer stopped by the Z100 studio to hang out with Maxwell and talk about their dope new track "Want You Back." It's been a minute since Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood have stopped by, but they have a pretty reason for that. They've been laying low in Los Angeles for the past couple of years working on their new album. The guys of 5SOS opened up about why they needed to take a long break and why the next chapter of their career is going to be the best one yet. 

"We took a second to get the music right and we're loving what we do," Ashton said. Luke jumped in, as well, to explain that even though it took sometime to get the music where they want it to be, the guys are "so happy with it, so, it was worth it to take a whole year to make the album."

Despite being proud of their past work, 5SOS is confident that their new music far surpasses their earlier work. After calling their previous work "young," Ashton went on to say that it's felt good "to have time to be a conscious being and make some music that we love." 

Calum described the need for a long break as needing the time to grow as individuals outside of the band. "We needed some space. After six years of being on the road, we need to get our heads right for the longevity of the band," he said.

After taking the time they needed, Michael explained that they were able to go in to the studio with open minds. "There was a part of us that knew we had to not stay stagnant in our sound. It was time for us to find a new avenue to take. It was so organic how the sound evolved."

To find out more about 5 Seconds of Summer's return, check out the full interview below:

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