Goodwill Is The Perfect Place To Find Hidden Clothing Treasures

Elvis Duran Show producer, Sam Rosalie, has always been a fan of thrifting. Her favorite pocketbook EVER is a vintage coach that is just perfection. Her adventure in Goodwill was just that... an adventure. Hundreds of clothing items for her to try on. It's safe to say she didn't leave the store empty handed. 

It is seriously amazing what you can find in this store. From the vintage jackets to the perfect pair of sunglasses. Sam even found a John Paul jacket that was listed as $60, when she left the store and looked it up online she saw this vintage piece for $400!!!! That's not all she found, Sam also spotted a Theory dress with it's original tags saying it was $900, what was the price at GoodWill? $200! While visiting the West Village Goodwill store she found racks full of high end designer items, many of which still had their original tags! Surprising right?! People forget that New York City is filled with people who own high end items that end up just giving them away to Goodwill out of convenience. Not a bad place to look for your next event right?! 


Next up is the Upper West Side and Upper East Side Goodwill stores!


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