Selena Gomez Says Her Goal For 2020 Is To Remain Solid And Normal

Selena Gomez has just busted back into the music scene after her 2 year break from music. Her two new songs, Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now, and their music videos have been viewed over 216 million times on YouTube. Lose You To Love Me was released October 22nd making it Selena's first single back. Everyone thought this beautiful 'self-love' love song was the end all be all. Little did everyone know Selena was going to drop an upbeat confidence boosting power anthem, titled Look At Her Now, only one day later on October 23rd. On October 28th, Selena Gomez was in the studio with Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and said "the objective with these two songs was to share my side of everything I went through". When Elvis Duran asked how she had the talk to her team about coming back after so long Selena said "I was in the right place and I just sat down with everyone and told them 'I am ready'".

When Selena stopped by Z100 New York to do a Z100 Fan Interview she revealed that her biggest goal of 2020 is to remain solid. Selena talks about how important it is to her that while she is getting back in the swing of things she remembers "to stay healthy and reminded that this is all wonderful and part of [her] life she is super passionate but also just remembering to take moments and be present." Selena says "I just want to be focused, more aware, and just to be strong and normal... whatever that means". Selena also mentioned in her Z100 Fan Interview that her friends and family are super proud of this upcoming album which means the world to her. She goes on to say "I wanted it to also be the best stuff that I'd ever done. I know people say that, but I busted my ass to make sure that every single song mattered and it does and I just want you to hear it now. I'm just ready for it all to be out, which will be soon."

What's next for Selena? Well, we can expect more music that's for sure as there is an album coming, and according to Selena it is coming soon! As for a tour, that is all depending on when she feels up to it, Selena revealed in her interview with Elvis Duran and The Morning Show that touring for her can get pretty lonely and she only want to tour if she is in the right headspace.

You can watch the rest Selena Gomez's Z100 Fan Interview below!

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