• Comply with the official rules available at www.z100.com
  • Make sure to test your video and audio prior to recording the video you are going to upload. Videos that are out of focus, and audio that is difficult to understand, never make for a good submission. So, do a test run first and watch it back to make sure everything looks and sounds the best it possibly can.
  • When you're preparing for your video, it's important to have a good set-up and framing. You should film your video in a controlled environment inside your home, not outside. This way you do not have to be wearing a mask, and we can see and hear you easily. It's also important to be well-lit. Your light source should ideally be coming from in front of you, do not have your light source behind you as it will turn you into a giant shadow. 
  • Please center yourself on the screen. Use a stationary camera source when possible (i.e. a computer on a desk, or a tablet with a stand) this way the video is not shaking in your hands.
  • Please make sure you are in a place that does not have a lot of outside noise, or a large echo. We want to be able to hear you as clearly as possible. 
  • Ideally we would love to see you in clothing indicative your personal style! Bright solid colors always work best. Stay away from patterns and stripes, they look odd on camera. Please do not wear all white, or all black, or have any large logos on your clothing.
  • The station Executive team will be seeing this video and assessing if they feel you are a fit for this project, so please make sure to have your hair/makeup done and looking your best! 
  • Make sure to pump yourselves up! We need your BEST energy and personality possible. Whether it means psyching yourself up or something else, please do it!

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