I Lost My Best Friend Today

Usually I like to post weird/funny things on my blog, but I wanted to take some time to talk about something that happened to me today that most people have to go through at some point in their lives...

I had to say goodbye to my best friend and brother, Skipper. Up until recently he was a healthy and energetic dog who loved to do the typical dog stuff - go for walks and ride, cuddle, and watch everyone eat food. His personality was fun, energetic and full of love. Every great quality you could have in Man's Best Friend.

I remember when I was 8 years old, sitting in my room when my mom came home after "grocery shopping." Both my parents said to come into the living room with our eyes closed because they had a surprise for us. I remember walking over trying to figure out what it might be...a new bike? DVDs? 

They told me and my younger sisters to open our eyes and when we did, they lit up right away. It was an 8 week old Beagle/Terrier puppy sitting in my mom's lap. The joy and happiness I felt that day continued for the next 15 years. We had a blast taking him for walks around the block, playing catch and having him chase us around the yard (he loved to take shoes off of people and run off lol). 

It's crazy to think how much a living being can affect you, and Skipper affected me in every positive way you can imagine. He was the only constant happiness in my life and I will cherish the 15 years I had with him forever. 

Love you so much "Big Guy." I can't wait to see you again.   

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