WATCH: Woman Stops Car Thieves By Jumping On The Car

Melissa Smith, a Wisconsin bad-ass, hopped on the hood of her car after a thief tried to steal it! Smith was pumping her gas when a black Cadillac pulled up next to her. A man then got out of the Cadillac and jumped in her car in an attempt to steal it. What happened next, he did not expect! Her first instinct was to take her purse but decided her car had more value. She then triggered her spidey senses and jumped on the hood! Smith says the carjacker laughed while trying to throw her from the car. The thief eventually gave up and took her purse, cellphone, and wallet before getting back in Cadillac and driving off. 

This isn't probably the best way to not get your car stolen, but hey! She learned a valuable lesson about keeping her keys on her at all times! 

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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