Hunter College Students Gets Impromptu Subway Ceremony

Jerich Marco Alcantara missed his graduation ceremony on Tuesday due to a malfunction that caused the emergency brakes to trigger on the E train. After hours of delays and transfers, the 22-year-old Hunter College nursing graduate decided to lighten the mood by thanking everyone for joining him at his graduation. 

His fellow stranded commuters could not let him go without a ceremony and threw him one of their own!

A friend drew him a "diploma" while another passenger played Green Day out of a portable speaker he had in his backpack. The train made him walk up and down the center aisle before presenting him with his honorary degree. Alcantara announced after receiving his one of a kind diploma "If you wanna copy of my diploma, turn on airdrop!". Seriously, how great is this guy!?

Congrats on graduating Jerich! You've had one hell of a ceremony!

Alcantara's diploma his friend presented him on the E train

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