Best Man Stops A Wedding To Propose

An anonymous bride wrote into Slate's Dear Prudence Advice Column and asked for input about the best man hijacking her wedding!

The best man ("John") was also the officiant for the wedding and apparently stopped mid-wedding to propose to his girlfriend ("Jane") as well as announced her pregnancy. The bride said the entire ceremony was focused on John and Jane's news. 

But it didn't stop there! During the reception, John apologized to the couple but then proceeded to make his speech about him and his new fiancé. He even asked the band to play a special song for him and Jane to have a special solo dance! The bride has pointed out that the groom has not spoken to John since and may consider talking to him once he pays $40K for half the wedding.

The internet has been torn between whether the couple should just forgive and forget or never speak to the couple again! Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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