Justin Bieber Makes DJ Khaled's Son Cry!

DJ Khaled's son Asahd Khaled is seriously the most well-behaved baby EVER. 

The four month old is the cover star of DJ Khaled's new album, and an executive producer on the hit song "Wild Thoughts". You might think this high-pressure lifestyle might cause him to meltdown every now and again, but Asahd has been nothing by the picture of serenity in every Snap and Insta since his birth. 

In fact, Asahd has never been seen crying in public - UNTIL NOW. 

That's right. Baby Asahd had his first public meltdown, and it was the MOST #relatable. 

Asahd got emotional when he met Justin Bieber on the set of the Bieber/Khaled collab "I'm The One". Justin tried to comfort him, but Asahd was not having it. 

TBQH, who WOULDN'T burst into tears if they saw Justin Bieber?? I feel you, Asahd. I feel you. 

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