Justin Bieber's Shoes Are Super Famous and Rich

Justin never seizes to amaze us. 

A few days ago, Justin took off his shoes at his concert in Germany and threw them into the crowd. Before you judge Justin, let's just mention that these shoes were Yeezys. So, we're not mad about it. Sadly, the pair of shoes were separately from each other but they went to loving homes. The Left yeezy in particular, has a very popular Instagram account. Take a look, and possible follow the adventures of Justin Bieber's left shoe. 

On the other hand, the right shoe is currently in the middle of a bidding war on eBay. It's currently going for about 6,500 euros or a little more than 7,400 US dollars, which seems like a lot of money to just to be able to smell Justin Bieber's feet. Which shoe would you rather be? Right or Left? Tweet us at @Z100NewYork !!

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