Taco Bell Now Has A Burrito With Pop Rocks Inside

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Your burrito can now be explosive in two ways! 

Introducing the Firecracker Burrito: The burrito is filled with beef, cheese, and rice PLUS cayenne popping crystals.

It's only being tested out right now, but if it's a success, get ready for this. 

Pop rocks... and @tacobell burritos?!?! Yuppp, it's happening y'all! Check out this Firecracker burrito, a new test item for TB, at the location marked in this photo!! 🔥🌯💥 . . . #foodbeast #tacobell #fastfood #newfastfood #testitem #firecrackerburrito #poprocksburrito #poprocks #burrito #outhereflourishing

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