Justin Bieber Punches Guy Choking Girl

Justin Bieber was at Coachella this weekend and got into a brawl at one of the after-parties, but you certainly can’t blame Justin for his actions. 

Reports say Justin was at an after-party when a guy, who appeared to be on drugs, walked in, went nuts and grabbed a women by the throat and wouldn’t let go. 

Justin and his friend screamed at the guy, who shot back “Go f*** yourself,” all the while continuing his grip, at which point Justin punched the guy in the face and pushed him against a wall, which freed the woman, who was believed to be the guy's ex-girlfriend.

The guy was eventually thrown out of the party, but was later seen running after an SUV that he thought Justin was riding in. He was eventually arrested. 

On a happier note, here is Bieber dancing at Coachella...

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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