The Worlds First Kosher Cheeseburger Is Here

This one’s a game changer for Jewish people: a kosher cheeseburger finally exists. For those who don’t know, Jewish dietary law prohibits eating dairy and meat together. That means cheeseburgers aren’t kosher…but thanks to the Impossible Burger? It’s a reality.

How so? The Impossible Burger isn’t actually made of meat, but it’s a meat substitute that’s so convincing, White Castle now sells it. And it’s officially been certified kosher. The burger is made of wheat protein, potato protein, coconut oil and its “secret weapon” - heme, which is an iron-containing molecule that’s in animal tissue and helps the Impossible taste like meat.

“Getting kosher certification is an important milestone,” says Impossible Foods CEO and Founder Dr. Patrick O. Brown. “And because our meat is purely plant-based, for the first time we can all enjoy a delicious — and strictly kosher — cheeseburger.”

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