Life Is About To Change: Chipotle Is Adding Drive-Thru's

Well it's about time!

If you’re a fan of Chipotle who has stood in line waiting to order wishing they had a drive thru you could be waiting in instead, we’ve got some good news, sort of. Chipotle has announced they’re testing drive-thru windows at some new locations, but they’re not the typical pull up and order into a speaker style we’re used to. Instead, the burrito chain wants us to order on the Chipotle mobile app and just pull into the drive-thru lane to pickup.

They’re currently testing the new drive-thru system at five locations: two in Ohio and one each in Texas, Tennessee, and Massachusetts, with a sixth set to open at a new Virginia location soon. And Chipotle’s considering additional new locations for future drive-thrus, so fingers crossed one opens near us soon.

I can't wait for my burrito to fall all over my lap.

Brady At Night

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