Uber May Soon Be Able To Tell If You're Drunk

Isn't ordering an Uber at 4am on Saturday a enough??? Apparently not...

Uber has submitted a patent for a system that can tell whether someone ordering a ride is drunk. The system uses an algorithm that looks for whether a person is making typos, or how they are holding their phone, their walking speed and more to determine if they are exhibiting unusual behavior, which could lead to them being a denied a ride.

But the tool could be used for different reasons. Uber suggests that if a passenger is determined to be too drunk they could be matched with a rider more equipped to handle them, or they could be given a more well-lit area to meet their driver.

Of course, some experts see a big downside to this system. In addition to denying people rides, some suggest it could be a “tool for predators,” with drivers possibly going “drunk hunting,” so at the very least, they could manipulate their fares on someone too drunk to notice.

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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