Restaurant Invests 10K on "Instagram Table"

The lengths people will go to get that perfect Instagam shot of their food. That’s why Boston steakhouse, Boston Chops has invested $10-thousand to create an “Instagram table” in their restaurant to help customers get their likeable shots.

The table, which requires a reservation, includes, “moveable arm lights, adjustable light intensities and adjustable color temperature settings.” Co-owner Chris Coombs feels this is the perfect addition to the restaurant in the age of social media. "Now, it is imperative that photos of restaurant interior and food are beautiful when they are posted online by influencers,” he says. “It is a great marketing tool for people to see our food, décor and cocktails and hopefully entice them to check it out for themselves.”

Coombs and co-owner Brian Piccini even met with social media influencers to discuss the set up and what the perfect social media photo looks like. They made sure to create a space “where anyone wanting to post food photos on social media will have the perfect picture every time.” And if you can’t score the table for the night, there are other Instagrammable moments in the restaurant fitted with art, signs, and backgrounds that are just an Instagrammable. 

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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