Introducing A New Dating App: Crown

Tinder is at it again with a new way to swipe. Crown, a new dating app by the same people that gave you Tinder, is an app that turns getting matches into a game. Not sold yet? Because the premise is based around a game, you have a limited selection of matches to choose from, cutting out the problem of having too many matches to sort through.


All you have to do is wait until noon everyday when you’ll be set up with 16 matches the app thinks would be right for you based on an algorithm. You go through them by choosing who you like more between two at a time. Then, you’ll get to your “Final Four,” a selection of four matches chosen by both you and the app.

If you make it to the end of the brackets, you’ll have the option of chatting it up with one of the cuties you matched with. Because you have to go through a series of picks to get to the chatting section of the game, you’re more likely to ACTUALLY reach out to the person – instead of sitting on it while matches gather dust in your app.

Think of it as an online “Bachelorette.” You’ll have your moment to make it through your own personal season while meeting actual people online – you know, without all the cameras and gowns and cool dates and stuff. 

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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