Receipt From Queens Restaurant Said To SPIT On Burger


One father was in for a shock when he received the check for his Father’s Day meal. Curtis Mays had just finished his dinner with his daughter and granddaughter at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Queens, New York when he received his check. On it was the note for his cheddar cheese burger with added caramelized onions, mayo and a chef advisory to “please spit in it too."

As you might imagine, Curtis was less than thrilled. "I ate my burger already, I felt like I was gonna throw up," he recalls. "I asked her [the server] 'Why would you do this?' And she couldn't explain it. She said she didn't do it, so I was like 'Who prints out the receipt?' So she said, 'I take it up there and print it myself.' 'So you did it? Why are you lying about it?' She just walked off.”

Curtis approached a manager about the situation and noted that the waitress was fired on the spot. He received a refund, but the whole thing still left a bad taste in his mouth. Um...literally. The manager also says that the food service industry is a “stressful job,” but what happened was “unacceptable,” even though it’s "unlikely" the chef spit in the food.

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