Bebe Rexha Reveals How She Uses Music To Cope With Anxiety


Bebe Rexha stopped by the studio today and I couldn't wait to catch up with her on her newest, fire, album "Expectations." A singer with so many hit songs, how is it possible that this is her debut album?! "It's been a long time coming, and it finally feels like the right time," says Bebe. 

Well now that the album is out we can tell you that Bebe is so real on the songs. She's "honest," "angry," "confused," and we just want to thank her for being so raw with us. 

How is she able to get so deep on these songs? Well Bebe let us know that the studio is her safe place. It's her in a room with instruments and people she knows and trusts. "I really feel like I can say anything," says Bebe on the studio experience. So we can only assume that that's how her realness ended up on this album. Bebe continues saying, "Every time I leave the studio I feel so much better." 

Bebe continues telling us about her anxiety and how she has noticed that a lot of people in the world and in the entertainment industry have to deal with it. She says, "I could have let it completely take over my life, but I was like 'no, that's not happening.'" She goes on to explain how she copes with it saying, "I'm going to put it into my music and laugh at it and you know make it something that's like you know everyone has some kind of issue in their life..... I used it to my advantage and put it into songs." 

Well I am just so excited for this album to finally be out there for the world is here! Tweet @Z100NewYork and my handle @BradyOnAir and let me know what songs you love off the album! 

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