Chipotle Is Testing Out New Menu Items

They’re cooking up some new dishes at Chipotle’s NEXT Kitchen, the company’s New York test kitchen. The chain is known for their burritos and bowls, but now they’re testing nachos, quesadillas, and more. Here’s what we can look forward to on the Chipotle menu soon.

  • Quesadilla - They’ve allowed customers to order these before from Chipotle’s “hidden menu,” but their quesadilla 2.0 gives the old standard an upgrade because they make it like a flat-style burrito on an actual panini press. This way everything stays together and nothing oozes out the sides.
  • Avocado Tostada - Everyone loves avocado toast, so this item seems like a winner. These are described as more of a snack than a full-blown meal and feature a crispy corn tortilla topped with guac, your choice of salsa, lettuce and cheese.
  • Spring Salad - Who knew people ate salad at Chipotle? Apparently they do and the company is adding this new one that has an avocado vinaigrette that sound delish, but back to the carbs.
  • Nachos - This is really the one we’ve been waiting for, Chipotle. We’ve been DIY-ing nachos here for years, so we’re all excited to see these on the menu soon.
  • Mexican Chocolate Milkshake - It’s thick, made with cocoa and cinnamon and will cool us off on a hot summer day, so we’re in.
  • Paloma - Chipotle’s NEXT Kitchen has been testing this one for a few months, it’s a frozen boozy beverage made with Sauza tequila, grapefruit juice, agave syrup, and citrus.
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