Stanaj Describes The Inside Of Drake's House


Stanaj stopped by the Z100 studio last week to talk all about his music, how he got discovered and what the inside of Drake's house actually looks like! Let's face it.... we've all been wondering.

Well, when it comes to Stanaj he's just a normal New Yorker who got discovered on Instagram with the help of a player on the Milwaukee Bucks.. Casual right? Well after his video got posted on social media stars like Kim Kardashian and Chris Brown got involved re-tweeting and making comments on his talent. Then Drake's people got involved. Yes Drake... As in Degrassi, Aubrey Graham, Hotline Bling... that Drake. Not too shabby! But what does the inside of Drake's house really look like? We got the full MTV Cribs experience just from Stanaj's description. "The pool itself is insane," says Stanaj on the house, "There are flatscreen's and a bar in the cave... it's next level." Well invite me with you next time okurrr? 

There are so many other stories that Stanaj has in his back pocket, like the time he came full circle with host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon. He even had star struck moments with Justin Timberlake, Derek Jeter and Paul McCartney. Safe to say this guy is living life right now and we are here for every second of it. 

His song Dirty Mind ft. Ty Dolla $ign is out now and definitely not one to miss. The summer vibes it has is so real! So check it out for sure. 

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