G-Eazy and Halsey Call It Quits

In the end it's...him and...well not her...

One of your favorite couples in music today has officially ended their relationship. Halsey and G-Eazy are now joining another large group of celebrity couples who have called it quits in recent months. 

Halsey made the announcement Tuesday evening with a statement on her Instagram story. 

G-Eazy hasn't released a statement yet, so we're going to keep our eyes out. Let's not focus on the end of a #CoupleGoals relationship, let's go back and see how it all started. Their first official picture together was at the VMAs. EVERYONE could tell that these two were going to end up together.


There's no official start date for this couple, but they apparently met at a party and from the looks of things, they started getting close while working on 'Him & I.' Last summer at one of G-Eazy's shows for his Bud Light Dive Bar Tour, the rapper invited Halsey on stage for a performance of the song. They sealed the end of the concert with a kiss. AND FANS WENT CRAZY!! No one could figure out if this was real or just done in the heat of the performance. So, in August of 2017 a legendary couple was born.

Here's the full video of the now famous lip-lock.


The next day she posted on Insta a pic with G-Eazy that said, "thank you baby." In September the couple started posting the cutest couple photos. Here are some of my favorites. 


If you aren't crying after seeing those pics then you are NOT HUMAN. 

These exes were first seen together at parties in New York City and Los Angeles. 

G-Eazy is currently touring in Europe, but will be returning to the states this week for a performance on Good Morning America this Friday. Halsey is also on tour, and she recently released the video for her song 'Stranger' with Lauren Jauregui. 

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