Are Avocados NOT Vegan???

If you're like me and you're Vegan...The headline might have just made your heart stop for a second.

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A British TV host is claiming that avocados aren’t vegan and how is this even possible? If there’s one thing we thought we could all agree on, its that fruits and veggies are vegan, but apparently “Great British Bake-Off” co-host Sandi Toksvig doesn’t think so. She’s also the host of a BBC show “QI” and that’s where she stirred up this controversy.

It seems Sandy told the world that avocados, the trendy fruit we can’t get enough of, are not vegan. “It’s the same reason as honey,” she explains. “They can’t exist without bees and bees are used in, let’s call it an ‘unnatural way.’” She went on to explain that because crops are difficult to cultivate naturally, they rely on bees that are “placed on the back of trucks and taken very long distances across the country.”

Sandy calls this “migratory beekeeping” an “unnatural use of animals.” And she calls out other things that are “actually not strictly vegan,” like lettuce, cherries, and broccoli. So as you can imagine, the Internet had a lot to say about this…especially vegans themselves. Most were confused, some were annoyed and one tweeted, “At this rate, the only thing I’ll be allowed to eat is oxygen.”

But let’s clear this up right here, shall we? Experts on the matter, both PETA’s EVP and The Vegan Society, have responded to the claim and assure us avocados are still vegan. PETA’s Tracy Reiman says, “Average shoppers can’t avoid produce that involved migratory beekeeping any more than they can avoid driving on asphalt, which has animal ingredients.” 

There it;s settled. Now we can all go back to doing this...

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