Josh Peck and Miranda Cosgrove Reuinted!

HUG ME, BROTHA!  Ok so this hit us right in the childhood - Josh Peck and Miranda Cosgrove (AKA Josh and Megan from "Drake & Josh") reunited!!! And it feels oh so good.  After admitting they hadn't seen each other in a little over 4 years, Youtube vlogger David Dobrik orchestrated this brilliant scheme to bring them together again!  Check it out.

AHHHHH is that not the best thing you've ever seen?  We especially love the part where Josh throws some shade at TV brother Drake Bell, who sparked some controversy last year when he tweeted about not being invited to Peck's wedding.  Evidently, Cosgrove wasn't invited either.  But clearly they're over it - and all is well with the Nichols/Parker clan.  Josh and Miranda made sure to share some moments from the day they reunited on Instagram and our hearts cannot take it. 

Who else is feeling the nostalgia in full force?  Because we sure are.  Maybe David Dobrik can get a full "Drake & Josh" reunion with all 3 of them together next!  Gonna keep our fingers crossed!

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