Alec Benjamin Handed Out Cards At Shawn Mendes' Show To Get Fans


We had Alec Benjamin in the studio the other day and I had the pleasure of interviewing him and finding out how he's navigating the music world. 

Benjamin moved to California from Phoenix, Arizona with one mission: to have his music heard. After getting signed and then dropped by a label he played over 165 shows on the streets to attract fans. He would even go to shows for Shawn Mendes and Troye Sivan in hopes that if he handed out his business cards, he would gain more fans of his personal music. Well the hustle worked because now Benjamin is making new music, going on tour himself and working his way as a "narrator." 

"For me I liked telling stories, and writing, things like that before making music and the music was just a vessel for the message I wanted to convey," says Benjamin on calling himself a "narrator" over identifying as an "artist." 

Watch all of Benjamin's interview above! 

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