People Are Putting Edible Glitter On Their Turkeys This Year

There are all kinds of wacky takes on the traditional Thanksgiving turkey from turkeys covered in Cheeto dust, to turkeys rolled in crushed Doritos. If you thought that was the craziest it could get, think again. The second Instagram gets a hold of your turkey, you KNOW it’ll be covered in glitter. And EDIBLE!


Edible glitter turkeys are taking over Thanksgiving dinner tables this year, and the results are weirdly beautiful. All you have to do is get your hands on some edible glitter (usually found with the baking goods in your grocery store), and you’re pretty much halfway there. The next step is to simply cook the turkey as you normally would, except your last step will be to paint on the glitter!


Sound weird? It sure is! Does it taste good? We’re not sure. But it looks good on Instagram, so it all depends what your priorities are.

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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