When Is The Right Time To Put Your Christmas Tree Up?

Apparently there’s a right and wrong time to put your Christmas tree up! You would think that this is a personal decision but many people have opinions on the subject. There’s even some historical evidence on when it would make the most sense. 

Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert brought the modern-day Christmas tree tradition back from the 1840s in Germany. If you want to follow their lead, you would put your tree up on Christmas Eve! 

If you wanted to follow the Australian tradition, you would aim for the second week of November, which lands right after Adelaide Pageant Day. This option is a little early for my liking but hey, to each their own. 

Although in the United States many people have adopted the idea of the “12 Days of Christmas” where you trim the tree mid-December to go along with the song.  

Here’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ if this blog got you into the spirit and you decided to decorate your tree tonight!


I have to admit now that Thanksgiving passed I’m ready to put my tree up and blast the Christmas music!

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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