Infant “Instagram Influencer” Has Received Over $12K Of Brand Freebies

The United Kingdom’s youngest Instagram star may only be a year old, but he’s already in high demand to show off companies’ products as an “Instagram influencer.” So much so, that little Ralphie Waplington has already received over $12-thousand in freebies from brands.

According to his mother Stacey Woodhams, who runs his account, Ralphie has gotten free trips to theme parks, more than 200 free outfits, bedroom furniture, designer toys and even spa treatments for mom and dad – all for a photo taken with a smartphone. For each sponsored post posted to his account, Stacey says he earns up to almost $500.

She originally started the account when Ralphie was seven days old to share photos with his family, but she realized his potential to become a social media influencer once his follower count rose to 1,000 people within a month. Now, he has more than 15,000 followers and is even represented by a modeling agency. Can't be mad...he IS pretty adorable. See him HERE.

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