WHAT?! Parents Are Now Putting GPS Ankle Monitors On Their Teens

It’s no secret that some parents are a bit overprotective when it comes to their kids, but it turns out some are going so far with their monitoring they are practically treating them like criminals. Actually, they are treating them exactly like criminals.

A new report suggests more and more parents are actually getting GPS ankle monitors for their kids. You know, like the ones used to track people released on bail or parole, or those on house arrest. “Since a court order is not required, parents are increasingly turning to GPS monitoring to deter their children’s risky behavior,” a sales video for Florida’s Tampa Bay Monitoring claims. 

Not only does Tampa Bay Monitoring boast that they have a bracelet that is “near impossible to cut off,” but it emits a 95-decibel siren if a teen blows curfew, which signals the parents to call the company. Then an employee will activate a speaker telling the kid to come home of the police will be called. The service costs $10 a day, or about $300 a month, which can be quiet costly, not to mention embarrassing for the kid who has to wear the bracelet. 

Owner Frank Kopczynsk notes that the biggest issues they deal with are runaways, and kids sneaking out of the house to buy drugs. He also hopes to extend his market even further, looking at college students for such things as alcohol monitoring devices, which track the wearer’s blood alcohol level through their sweat. 

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