NYC Chipotle’s First Holiday Window Display Is 100% Edible

Chipotle is getting into the holiday spirit with its first collection of festive window displays that are completely edible. The seasonal displays are being created by food sculptors Marie Pelton and Jim Victor, who are using all fresh ingredients found on Chipotle’s menu to make them.

The husband and wife team are building new designs every day this week at the Columbus Circle location including a Christmas tree made from leafy romaine lettuce with tomatoes and lemons for decorations and an onion to create the angel on top.

Pelton says it takes a lot of food to create a totally new window display five days in a row and that Chipotle sourced:

  • “About” 80 heads of romaine lettuce,
  • a crate each of lemons, limes, tomatillos, tomatoes,
  • and more than 100 tortillas, large containers of fresh spices,
  • 10 pounds of salt and pepper,
  • …and moderate amounts of jalapenos, poblanos, onions, garlic, gypsum, avocado, cheese, corn, juniper berries, tomato paste, and pinto beans.

But don’t worry, when the food is finished being part of the display, it’s not getting trashed, it’s being composted and donated to local farms.

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