There Is Now A Christmas Candle You Can Also EAT

Have you ever had the pleasure of enjoying a candle that smells good enough to eat? Some of them have such a delicious scent that when it fills the room, you actually wish you could take a bite. Burning holiday candles like frosted cookie, gingerbread, or peppermint could smell good enough to eat, but that’s never a good idea unless it’s a Smith & Sinclair’s candle. Their Flamin Hot Choc candle smells incredible and it’s actually edible.

Smith & Sinclair is practically a Willy Wonka factory for grown-ups because they’ve created the world’s first edible “wax” candles. They look just like regular candles and burn just like them, too, but you really can eat these because the Flaming Hot Choc’s are made from coconut oil and raw cocoa butter. They come in spiced orange or candy cane and they’re even vegan-friendly!

And while they might smell so good you’d want to just bite into one like an apple, that’s not the best way to enjoy this wax because they’re essentially made with pure fat. You’re better off burning the candle, then pouring a little melted wax into a drink, like hot chocolate or coffee, to pep it up with some flavor. You can find them on the Smith & Sinclair website if you’re still finishing your holiday shopping.

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