A One Direction Reunion Could Be Happening...Sort Of

While One Direction isn’t ending their hiatus anytime soon, the guys in the band may actually be reuniting over the holidays, according to Liam Payne. In an interview with Capital FM, Liam made it sound as if he and his former bandmates are going to try and get together in London.

“I spoke to Niall (Horan) the other day. We were both super jet lagged. He texted me at like two in the morning, and I was just wide awake from like midnight to right through the next day,” he said. “We spent like four hours on FaceTime. I hadn’t spoken to him in ages. It was actually really, really funny. We had a really good laugh.”

He then commented about wanting to see his other bandmates over the holidays, noting, “Everyone’s so busy, it is what it is,”  adding, “I obviously saw Louis (Tomlinson) over the course of ‘X-Factor.’ I haven’t seen Harry (Styles) in a while now, but I think everybody’s in London at the moment, which is cool, for the first time — this the closest we’ve been for a while.”

Watch the interview below...

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