Here's Everything Millennials Were Accused of Killing This Year

We get it! We ruin almost everything for the other generations. The list of things millennials have killed just keeps growing and growing. And while we’re sure 2019 will bring a whole mess of other things that millennials have done away with, let’s get a list going of the things we’ve already slaughtered in 2018. Here are the most-killed things we’ve given the boot:


  • Bars – We would much rather drink at home.
  • Beer – This one seems dramatic. We’ve only dropped beer sales by 1%.
  • Mayo – No idea how this one happened, but we’re just not into the stuff.
  • American cheese – Honestly, good riddance! There are much better cheese options out there.
  • Large turkeys – We’re eating smaller turkeys AND still have leftovers, so who’s the real winner here?
  • Canned tuna – It’s too processed and not helping the environment to get!


Sure, y’all may be upset that we’re so picky with our food choices these days – especially because most of it has to do with the environment. But I think we can take a page from the millennial book of habits. No more processed foods! And let’s be honest, guys. Our precious booze isn’t going anywhere.

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