Celebrities Put Money On Starbucks Gift Cards That Anyone Can Access

Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo came up with an awesome holiday tradition of purchasing a $100 gift card and giving the code away online for other to be able to enjoy a Starbucks beverage for free. 

It has actually become a challenge on social media, #PayItForwardChallenge where he is encouraging anyone who uses the code to put money on the same account so that others could enjoy a free drink. Ruffalo has also been challenging celebrities to do the same!

One of the celebrities that he challenged was Zendaya. She accepted the challenge and also got a $100 Starbucks gift card and shared it with her fans on Twitter!


It's so cool because it's a super simple way for people to pay it forward and also enjoy a free drink! 

Mark Ruffalo took a step further and has been adding all kinds of gift cards such as movie tickets! How cool!


Hurry up and go check it out! Get yourself a free drink but don't forget to pay it forward!

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