These Two Cats Live Better Than You Do

What do you do when your daughter drops her cats off with you, but you're not allowed to have cats in your apartment? You rent the cats their own place. At least, that's what Troy Good did after his daughter, Amith, went off to college. She couldn’t take her furbabies, Louise and Tina, with her to the dorms when she started school so she left them with dad. 

The only issue? Troy just moved into a new apartment in San Jose with his fiance, and her dog. The critters don't get along with the dog so he was stuck. Meanwhile, his friend Callisch was getting ready to rent his 425-square-foot studio on Airbnb. He agreed to rent it for the cats instead and they moved in over the summer.  

Callisch pops into the unit every day to feed and play with the cats while Troy stops by regularly and Amith visits on her breaks from school. The cats are said to be very happy with the place.

Brady At Night

Brady At Night

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