Grubhub Reveals What Foods Couples And Singles Order On Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and if your plans include ordering out, what you decide to chow on could vary a lot depending on whether you’re single or not. Grubhub looked back on Valentine’s Day 2018 to see what couples prefer to order compared to the single folks and the results couldn’t be more different. The food delivery service finds that single people tend to go for comfort food on Valentine’s Day, with pizza puffs and burritos topping their list. But the data shows couples seem to want something lighter and their list is almost entirely sushi. According to Grubhub, that’s because sushi rolls are easy to share.

Here’s the full list of the top 10 foods people order on February 14th, broken down by couples and singles.


  1. Pizza puff- 223% more ordered than couples
  2. Chicken burrito- 210% more ordered
  3. Chicken quesadilla- 161% more ordered
  4. Bacon and egg sandwich- 140% more ordered
  5. Chorizo burrito- 135% more ordered
  6. Beef pho- 119% more ordered
  7. Grilled steak burrito- 118% more ordered
  8. Pizza roll- 118% more ordered
  9. Kung pao chicken- 116% more ordered
  10. Shawarma sandwich- 102% more ordered


  1. Chicken satay- 342% more ordered than singles
  2. Eel avocado roll- 338% more ordered
  3. Alaska roll- 309% more ordered
  4. Spicy tuna roll- 307% more ordered
  5. Shrimp shumai- 302% more ordered
  6. Spicy salmon roll- 298% more ordered
  7. Salmon roll- 287% more ordered
  8. Philadelphia roll- 280% more ordered
  9. Shrimp tempura roll- 263% more ordered
  10. Salmon avocado roll- 260% more ordered

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