Rachel Crow Makes The Perfect Vegan Taco


The question everyone is always asking me as a vegan consists of what I eat as junk food? What's my go-to hangover food? What food do I eat while watching The Bachelor (jk about that last one)....

When I found out singer, Rachel Crow was also a vegan I wanted to take her to the Institute of Culinary Education to get the vegan tacos EVERYBODY needs to eat when they are hungover and hungry. We add in spices, tofu and of course while we're doing it, Shelley Rome and I ask Rachel all the questions we need to do about her music and new TV show. "The 90s are coming back in fashion anyways," says Rachel about her upcoming spot on ABC's new show Schooled a spin-off of The Goldbergs. The show is set in the 1990s at the same William Penn Academy formerly attended by The Goldbergs. The show follows Lucy Winston, a single mother of three who is given a job by her brother, Andre Glascott, as an administrative secretary at the William Penn Academy, where her brother is the Head of School. Rachel is playing Felicia, the older daughter of Lucy.

"She's so funny and cool, and the cool thing about her is, I feel like the meaner girls in those shows are overlooked, no one ever looks into their home life to see how they're feeling, and she has a reason," says Rachel on her character.

Watch us make tacos and discuss everything going on for Rachel in the video above!

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